News about Versa-Lift

25/35 and 40/60 Versa-Lifts

Versa-Lift: Raising our Customers' Expectations

Custom Mobile Equipment, Inc. was founded in 1993 by Gary Dick for the purpose of designing and building material handling equipment. The company opened for business renting office and manufacturing space from Cutler Repaving in Lawrence, Kansas and presently operates out of our own facility in Baldwin City, Kansas. We now have 750 square feet of office space and 29,250 square feet for assembly, painting and fabrication.

The first machine to be supplied by Custom Mobile was the Versa-Lift 40/60 forklift. It was designed and built for Jim Taylor of Taylor Crane and Rigging in Coffeyville, Kansas. Jim was unhappy with the forklifts he owned because they were too bulky and would not operate smoothly when starting and stopping. Jim also had a lot of other ideas in order to make him the ideal machinery moving forklift. Jim's machine was delivered in May of 1994 and the Versa-Lift 40/60 went on the market.

Custom Mobile introduced another model of Versa-Lift in 1998 called the 60/80. The 60/80 is built with many of the same features as the 40/60 but is capable of lifting loads weighing 80,000 pounds at a 36 inch load center.

The year 2000 has brought another Versa-Lift model to keep up with demand and it is called the 25/35. The 25/35 is a more compact model with a capacity of 25,000 pounds at a 24 inch load center with the frame retracted and 35,000 pounds with the frame extended 3 feet. This machine was designed for machinery moving but also has components that will allow it to be used in other markets such as die handling and paper roll handling.

The demand for handling heavier loads brought about the demand for yet a bigger Versa-Lift. The first 100/140 was designed and delivered to Mayberry Machinery Movers in 2003. Machinery Movers learned that setting up gantries is very time consuming, so if they can use a big forklift, a lot of time can be saved.